Le quartier de Gest sur Gouin


Gest | The neighbourhood

The shores of the Rivière des Prairies are just a stone’s throw away.”

A lively, but calm, neighbourhood

An ideal location for residents in proximity to schools, playgrounds, green spaces and the Marie-Clarac hospital. The Île-de-la-Visitation nature park, featuring activities for all ages, is only minutes away.

An exceptional view

Breathtaking views of the Rivière des Prairies, the Olympic Stadium and Mount-Royal.


On the shores of Rivière des Prairies

One-of-a-kind neighbourhood

Set on the shores of Rivière des Prairies, our complex is located in a neighbourhood that is both lively and calm. Parks, bike paths and local businesses make this a fantastic place to live.

grand héron dans le quartier Montreal
Quartier de la visitation proche de Gest sur Gouin
Vélo sur la piste cyclable proche du projet Gest sur Gouin
Rivière des Prairies à quelques pas de Gest sur Gouin
Parc pour enfant
Rue Gouin
Rivière des Prairies vue de Montreal

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